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A Lesson For Lying On Your CV


A Lesson For Lying On Your CV
A Lesson For Lying On Your CV

I’m sure at one point or another most people have at least considered bigging themselves up on  their CV’s to try and impress a potential employer. Maybe it’s changing that B grade in mathematics to an A or maybe extending a few timescales of jobs you’ve had in the past.

It’s easy to think a wee ‘white lie’ here and there won’t ever come up and bite us on the bottom. It is easy to think that but one guy has just found out the hard way that little lies sometimes have a way of catching up with you…

Javier Acosta posted on Twitter – “My friend lied on his cv that he mastered the piano at age 15 and now he’s been asked if he can play for the board of directors on friday.” (sic) Oh dear!

He continued – “Man has been sitting in the car for the past half hour googling “the most painless way to break your fingers”.” Seems a bit harsh but I’m guessing this guy really likes his job!

Many other users were quick to respond with many ‘helpful’ escape plans and with some dark wit to go with it…

Brace Brillhart suggested – “moonlight sonata by beethoven is considered a masterpiece and is extremely simple and somewhat repetitive. It’s learnable” (sic)
Strong Black ☥ gave his advice “dude has to fall down some stairs right now”
Nceba Radebe give their 2 cents – “Show up at work with bandages on fingers and for the rest of the month.”
Eventually he decided, possibly most wisely, to tell them he had carpel tunnel and wouldn’t be able to play. The bosses took sympathy on him and got in a replacement .
Just remember this lesson and maybe stick to your actual talents and strong points for you CV!


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