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6 Ways to Get More Referrals and Increase Your Income


1. Use banner links whenever you can. Animation helps! Put them everywhere you can.

2. Join the biggest forums you can find. Insert the your referral link of the program into your signature. Give quality posts to the forums: help out newbies, offer answers, and be friendly. Open a thread about the program whenever there is news. Do not forget to praise when getting paid. This builds credibility fast.

3. Make and promote a webpage. Send traffic to that page with social networking websites (myspace, friendster …), blogs with custom content are great, cheap banner impressions can help – in the right places, manual surf hits can drive people to your website, link exchanging with friends … The limit is your imagination. There’s plenty of ways to grab eyes on the internet, find one that suits you.

4. Send a mass mail to everyone you know. Write / find a good letter: Motivate them to join and state honest facts.

5. Work hard! The first results might be disappointing but do not give up on it … It’s like growing an apple tree from a seed, in the end the wait will be worth it and you will harvest good rewards.

6. Do not be disappointed with only a few signups at first, keep plugging away. It’s a numbers game – it’s only a matter of time before you get more referrals. Referrals that sign-up and do not do anything are OK … you will only be that much closer to recruiting and retaining quality referrals that make you the real money. In fact, the majority of your referrals will do nothing at all – 20% of your active referrals will make 80% of your referral income.

Source by Andrew Jehje

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